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Arimidex is a medication that is used in the treatment of breast cancer in the female half of the population during the postmenopausal period.

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Arimidex instructions for use

Breast cancer is the most common of many types of cancerous tumors in the female half of humanity. As a rule, this disease is found in every ninth woman under the age of forty-five years and in every thirteen - from the age of fifty-five.

The treatment is complicated by the fact that the cancer spreads through the body through the lymphatic system through the formation of metastases. If this disease is detected in the early stages, a positive treatment with remission is possible.

But it also happens that after undergoing several courses of chemotherapy, prolonged use of concomitant drugs, it turns out that the treatment is incorrectly selected. Each type of cancer has its own treatment protocols depending on the age and course of the disease.

To determine the method of treatment, tests are carried out, the main of which is cytology. Only after this is it possible to receive adequate treatment. One of the main problems in the choice of drugs is the possibility of side effects on the female genital organs, eyesight, liver and kidneys, as well as bone tissue.

Identification of a hormone-dependent type of cancer leads to treatment with hormone antagonists, one of which is Arimidex.

Active substance

Several decades ago, the patient, having received an appointment, went to the pharmacy and purchased or ordered from the analyst the drug he needed. Without questions and regrets, he took up the treatment. Nowadays, the patient wants to know: what will he drink? What additional health problems may occur?

In order to exclude all objections, it is necessary to study the manufacturer's instructions for Arimidex. The active substance of the drug is anastrozole. This is an antitumor agent of chemical origin that blocks the production of aromatase enzyme.

Aromatase is a substance that takes part in the transition of male sex hormones (androgens) to female (estrogens). An increased amount of estrogen promotes the growth of estrogen-dependent tumors.

To suppress estrogen emissions and use anastrozole in a therapeutic dose of 1 mg per day. Taking the drug constantly, patients in the first day reduce the amount of hormones in the blood by 70%, and subsequently by 84%.

Rules for the use of the drug Arimidex

If the patient trusts his attending physician, he will unconditionally follow all instructions and appointments. Even if they are not always correct. For most people, chemotherapy is the exposure to pathogenic cells by radioactive elements. But ingestion of drugs that inhibit their growth in tablet form is also chemotherapy.

The instructions of the Arimidex tablets clearly indicate that they can only be used to treat conventional (common) breast cancer in postmenopausal women. It is also used as a replacement drug for women who have been treated with Tamoxifen for at least three years.

In addition, in patients who underwent a course in the initial stage of cancer, according to the instructions, Arimidex receives only positive reviews.


For easier transfer of side effects of this specific drug, you should carefully study the method of its administration. Anastrazole in a small dosage of 1 mg is not able to cause severe allergic reactions, as well as impair the functioning of other organs and systems.

To make the medicine easier to digest, take the pill with a large amount of water. Daily intake should occur at the same time so that the concentration of the drug in the blood does not fall.

Drugs that are prescribed to detect cancer cells are usually drunk from two to five years. The attending physician should schedule a schedule of tests that will help monitor the general condition of the patient and cancer.

Features of the drug

Laboratory studies conducted over two years have shown that anastrozole, which is part of Arimidex, can be used only in postmenopausal women. This is due to the fact that prolonged use can provoke infertility.

In the animals used during the experiments, preimplantation loss of the egg and reduction in the number of successful pregnancies were observed. Offspring were born with various deviations.

To avoid various questions about side effects, all the results were included in the Arimidex instructions. All side effects in other areas were identified with a significant increase in dosages for daily intake (from 25 to 50 mg).

Side effects

The instructions for use of "Armidex" indicate all possible abnormalities observed in female volunteers while taking the drug. The study involved about fifty thousand people, most of whom were successfully treated.

  • Disorders of the nervous system in the form of anxiety, depression, drowsiness or insomnia, sudden mood swings, general weakness were observed.
  • Cardiovascular system: high blood pressure, dizziness, severe headaches, thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis, leukopenia, tissue swelling of the heart type.
  • Respiratory system: breath holding, inflammatory diseases of the lungs, throat and nose (bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, laryngitis, rhinosinusitis, pharyngitis).
  • Gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, disruption of the intestines (constipation-diarrhea), dry mouth, against the background of problems with the intestines, anorexia or bulimia with weight gain is possible.
  • Gynecology: dryness and itching of the mucous membranes, impaired reproductive function, uterine bleeding caused by a change in the drug.
  • Musculoskeletal system: bone thinning is possible due to prolonged use, snapping finger syndrome.


As mentioned above, according to the instructions "Arimidex" can not be used in women during pregnancy and lactation.

One of the factors affecting the ability to use the drug is its individual tolerance. For individuals who are sensitive to anastrozole, as well as those who are at pause, using Tamoxifen or estrogen preparations, Arimidex cannot be used.

With caution or selectively, it can be used by people suffering from osteoporosis, decreased lipid balance, coronary heart disease.

For women suffering from osteoporosis, a tendency to soften and brittle bones, the manufacturer’s instructions for Arimidex clearly indicate that use is possible, but with great precautions. It is necessary to take tests to check bone density, and an additional intake of calcium preparations with vitamin D is desirable. In special cases, when there is a high probability of a decrease in density, it is possible to administer bisphosphonates at an early stage of cancer before prescribing Arimidex.

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